Last Resort – By @Joebee731

By Joe Colquhoun


Last Resort

Take 2. My earlier attempt at a reflection didn’t go down as well as anticipated. Apparently, a picture guide to spicy tomato soup just doesn’t cut the mustard these days.

Message me and I’ll send it over 😉

Okay so here’s an idea. I had it in the shower the other day and I thought it could be interesting. Maybe it exists already, maybe it’s not a great idea but I thought writing it down would help me understand it better.

So, I wonder if it’d be possible to start a creative agency that existed entirely online in some kind of public forum. There wouldn’t be any offices or anything like that, everything would be digital. Instead, loads of verified yet anonymous creatives would pick out briefs that suited them and start contributing to the discussion around the work.

Who’s the audience? Anyone have any insights on the product? What’s the role of comms?

Basically, freelance creatives from around the world could start researching the brief together. Using tools like FlowCreate the AI-assisted brainstorming tool and Slack, thoughts and ideas could easily be mapped out in a simple way without becoming too busy and confusing.

At the end of the day groups involved with the brief would be required to submit their scamps and rough copy to the online agency website. All of these would then be posted publicly for review and further discussion.

Next, people would be given three votes to determine what they’ve found most interesting and which line of ideas would work best for the brand. Important information such as the budget, previous campaigns and even the client’s willingness to be risky would be displayed clearly on the website.

What about meetings, going for lunch and starting a relationship with your client?

No problem. We send each of our clients an Oculus Rift and invite them to come and meet us virtually instead. Don’t feel like commuting on the tube and inevitably arriving 15 minutes later than expected?

No problem, come hang out with us on the edge of a rainbow on Jupiter. If all else fails, boardroom meetings might be a little less dull.

Presentations could be fully immersive as well, say goodbye to powerpoint, now your ambient media and PR ideas could be fully realised in the virtual world. The client can see your ideas in front of them, interact with them and ultimately it leaves less room for misunderstanding executions.

At SCA the pace of work is pretty damn fast. We don’t have months to come up with ideas and I think this online agency should reflect that. So if this idea is even possible I’d want that to be our selling point. An online anonymous collective agency that only deals with deadlines in a week or less.

We’re the guys that clients come to when they’re desperate and need ideas quick. Maybe I’d call it ‘Last Resort’. Perhaps that’s a bad name but I kinda like it, especially if people started coming to us first. Obvs the work would be better than anyone else, that goes without saying.

But how do we pay these creatives? I’m not so sure yet. Since everyone’s anonymous I think payment should mirror that. Maybe using crypto and blockchain as a form of payment would be an interesting way to do this. Not exactly a reliable form of payment but who knows what the future holds?

Anyway, if you want to be part of Last Resort, let me know, we’re hiring.

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