Laugh and the world laughs with you – By @aliceburden1

Laugh and the world laughs with you

A piece of feedback that my partner and I have been receiving a lot recently is that people can tell we are having fun when we make our work. And it’s true. We have a lot fo fun. We get along very well and share a similar sense of humour. We love to make our own content – for example pre-rolls which involved Phillip playing a French alcopop connoisseur. And we always have so much fun when we do it. 

It got me to think about some of my favourite creators and why I love them so much. I’m a fan of PC music and artists like Charli XCX and SOPHIE. I love how silly and playful the music is, all while being presented as completely serious. I love how hard to listen a lot of it is, because I love to see people’s faces when you play them a song – it’s all part of the fun and playfulness of it.

My boyfriend and I recently got into a group called 100 gecs. They’re an experimental pop duo based in the US – and when I say experimental I mean it. Their songs are absolutely bonkers, nothing about it sounds natural; their voices are computerised and high pitched and the beats jump around like mad – an American take on PC music. When I listen to them, I just feel like they’re being very true to themselves and you can tell they really enjoyed making the music. I can’t help but draw a comparison with this music and the creative process I go through every day. 

They’re creating something new, which doesn’t sound like conventional music. We’re always told to make work which doesn’t look like an advert because people won’t engage in normal adverts as much these days.

This music is not for everyone. We’re told that if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. The best work is divisive.

Every note, beat, lyric is there for a reason. The songs are so well thought out, nothing is there for fluff; the songs would not work if one element was removed. This is exactly what our work should be doing.

It’s the opposite of boring. Pretty simple, we shouldn’t make boring work. I can’t count how many times clients have told us their product is the enemy of boring.

They had fun. The most important part. If you have fun when you work, you’re not really working. This means you’ll be more productive, as soon as you begin to resent your work then it will show in the final product. 

So there you have it. Have fun, enjoy it. Make new things that no one has ever seen/heard/touched/smelt/tasted before. Make your own content. Try to make your partner laugh every five minutes.  Be true to yourselves. Zag when everyone else zigs.

Here’s a link to some of 1000 gecs music: 

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