Learnings from New Blood – By @MattJDKennedy

Matthew Kennedy

By Matthew Kennedy



If there is indeed a fan, I feel it is very much in the vicinity of a glasto portaloo at the moment.
As the weeks go by and D&AD approaches my chair is retreating further and further into the corner.  Then Marc suggests those that are really hungry should be asking for another brief, that blasted my chair through the wall.  So yeah , the pressure is on but I’m not complaining, there is nothing i’d rather be doing and so Im thankful for that, even if it does kill me (hypothetically). 
We have just over a week till D&AD deadline and if I remove myself from trying to win a giant pencil that doesn’t even work (wish I knew that when I started!) , the learnings have already been great and something that will no doubt help me with future briefs.
So here are my learnings so far:
  1. Multiple briefs are good.  I started with 6, Im down to 3 or 4.  Not only can you then pick the briefs that you are working for you, it also keeps your mind off things.  Im so deep into one particular brief now that its actually counter intuitive.  So take on another brief even if you don’t up doing it.
  2. If you wouldn’t put it in your portfolio don’t do it.  We’ve had a few ideas that although were solving/trying to solve important problems, the ideas were just a bit wet.  As in not the kind of work I want to be making so whats the point of investing time in ideas you don’t want to share with others.  And as if I planned it…
  3. Share your ideas.  Marc has comment on how Coup have been reluctant to share their ideas.  Maybe unintentional but I think thats a fair comment.  I question if portfolio briefs, where by we are scored, helped or hindered sharing.  But I think D&AD has in part helped us all share, as we are now commuting against people outside of school.  (DISCLAIMER: Sharing also results in multiple differ opinions.  If you aren’t of sound mind to deal with these, do not share)
  4. Do not share.
  5. No really do share.
  6. Be clear on what you are trying to say and commit!  We have spent days going over and over the same ground because we aren’t 100% on who we are talking to,  what we want to say and how.  Sounds basic right.  It’s difficult because it’s an evolving process so precisely what we are trying to changes. But I’ve learnt to get your brief down and commit to it.  Refer back to it, adjust it, go again and repeat until you end up in happy place. 
  7. Reduce stress with plan.  I thought I had planned.  The number of briefs, who with, when by.  But not really.  And unfortunately it shows.  I hadn’t planned on things getting in the way, things taking longer due my brain not being as good as I wish it was, other people not sticking to the plan, weather disruption (yes its proven precipitation leads to delays people).  So I know its dull. 
That it the end of the worlds most boring SCAB.  But maybe someone can learn from my mistakes, I know I certainly will.

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