Left with 3 brains and 6 hands

I found the use of artificial intelligence in our recent project was a mixed bag of intuitive breakthroughs and counterintuitive hurdles. In some circumstances it sped up the process dramatically and in others it lengthened the time taken to finish completing a task. It was a dance of trial and error, sculpting clarity, precision, and specificity from the digital realm.

My tool of choice was the generative tool on photoshop. Instead of chasing the perfect image on the first try, it was like orchestrating a collage machine, constructing the backdrop before honing in on the foreground. Specificity is king here. You may have a very clear image in your head but it doesn’t translate into an image through the simple words used. 

This project underscored a crucial truth—AI is a facilitator, not a visionary. It accelerates our journey, but the creative spark and vision must come from us. I am excited for the future of how we can combine the world of advertising and AI to create more intelligence and unexpected outcomes. 

One of the main things I learnt was how to use platforms such as Chat GBT and Dally 3 as a mode of inspiration as opposed to a definitive answer. The times where these platforms were useful was for coming up with brand names. As seen below the results from AI were generic  and we did not use any of the below. However, the results made us think about new words to use or potential routes to go down. 

The AI not producing the exact vision in our heads was a challenge. This is because for the copy in our work we were relying on AI to produce an answer or hopefully even a near to finalised product but this was not the case.  

From experiencing what ai can and can’t do has now made us more informed about how to use ai in a quick and beneficial way when under a time pressure.

In terms of how to properly use AI we only scratched the surface, so It will be useful going forward to keep finding different approaches on how to work along side ai. 

Although Chat GPT and Photoshop Generative Imagery played their part, there were definitely points where both became dispensable. Thinking back to those three hour creative jam sessions on the terrace and the filming/editing of our film, AI did not turn out to be our divine saviour. We had to put all three brains together to construct the world and purpose of our brand idea/its activation. There is a level of organic and chaotic creative thinking that AI has not fully mastered. 

As a tool in sifting for foundational/baseline information it was great. But. The daily commute; the queue for that nice but expensive coffee off Worship Street and the morning shower; and the pain of that toe stub were moments and places of inspiration and experiential data collection that AI could not give us. AI is not your stone-face commuters and the pain of stubbing your toe. So in this respect, however intelligent, AI does not replace the tangible world of real human insight. Maybe looking back we could have used AI more effectively and in a way that helped rather than hindered the creative flow of ideas and ‘making.’ But I did love our chats about the UK’s greasy spoon culture.

@hannahjund87515 & group

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