Locked out – By @maryjohansen_

Marianne Wathne Johansen

By Marianne Wathne Johansen


Locked out


We just started week 3 at SCA, and it’s been nothing less than amazing. Before starting school, I found myself a tiny room in Streatham. I didn’t know any of the flat mates. Actually, I still have only met one of them. I know there are two others as well, but they seem to just live in their rooms.


Anyway, we have a kitchen door leading to a stairway, which again takes you to an amazing roof terrace with views of London! As a smoker, I go up there to enjoy the view while breathing in cancerous fumes. One of the first times I did that, I brought my keys with me just in case someone closed the door to our kitchen. Well, they did – and my key didn’t fit! I didn’t have my phone with me, so I had to walk very slowly 4 floors down in complete darkness. My slippers were soaked on the ground floor, but then I found a door! The joy of that discovery was quickly over as I realized that the door didn’t open. Great… Back upstairs then.


When I got back up to the kitchen door, I knocked about 15 times, but no one opened. Conveniently, my room is the closest to the kitchen, but I was obviously not there. Then I realized that the bathroom window was open. Feeling like an absolute idiot, I managed to climb back in through the window. What if someone had opened the door with an embarrassed Norwegian sitting in the window? Eh, “Hello, I’m your new flat mate”…


As weird as it might sound, I think this represents what my year at SCA is going to feel like. I’ll be more embarrassed than I’ve been in my entire life, I’ll have to go looking for solutions that won’t work, and when I find one, I may very well have to look like an idiot to solve the problem.


Wish me luck – I actually can’t wait!

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