London life – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


London life

I lived in the middle of nowhere in a small village called Breachwood green. It was at the end of Luton airport runway, a place where the old go to die. When you come into land from your sunny holiday and think who the fuck would live down there, that was me… 

When it came to start university most of my friends went away somewhere across the country to escape the grips of comfortable living in Hertfordshire. I stayed at home whilst I studied at university but lived in my own place so I had some independence. I learnt the basics of cooking and cleaning but I missed out on being somewhere new and taking in a different environment. I was still comfortable which isn’t really my style. I live by a saying which is ‘step outside your comfort zone and make it comfy’ so this left me feeling a bit deflated but I knew I was on a good course which had a lot better opportunities than others across the UK.

Moving to London had been a dream of mine for a few years now. Being in the same place with the same people for the amount of time I did really made me hate the environment and people I was stuck talking with week in week out. I needed to meet people like me, I needed to be surrounded by people who have more ambition than just making money. I wanted to be with people who enjoyed what they did.

So, I have been in London since the course started and I can safely say what I thought London life was going to be like is exactly what I imagined it. I feel re energised, I feel brighter I feel motivated and proud about the choices I have made over the past few years that have lead me to be here right now. I feel lucky and appreciate the opportunities I chose to take a hold of over my education.

Not only are the people I’m working with inspiring but I get to meet new and interesting people outside of the course too. Meeting new people with similar outlooks on life and similar ambitions in their career direction has rubbed off on me in a really good way. Days and weeks are flying by and I can feel myself developing more and more as time goes on. The skills people have on the course are so diverse it’s just great to mix and listen to see how they find a problem and go about solving it. The general vibe in the studio is so incredibly equal, everyone listens and treats people’s opinions on ideas with respect. We are all here in the deep end learning and developing with each other together.

Since I got here I haven’t spent a moment looking back. I miss my family and comfortable lifestyle but the drive and inspirat­ion I get from being in London, surrounded by great people makes me feel happy and more at home than living in Breachwood green. 

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