Marc owes me dinner – By @Holly_Georgious

By Holly Georgious


Marc owes me dinner


Marc owes me dinner. He owes me a three-course dinner. He owes me a three course dinner with wine. He owes me a three course Michelin starred dinner with wine. Marc before you complain or write this off I should probably explain. This Friday is my dad’s 60th birthday. A once in a lifetime moment, a time to celebrate. To mark this momentous occasion my step-mother has very kindly organised a weekend packed full of surprises. 


As with all great surprises a lot of money hath been spent. There is a surprise breakfast, cooked by a chef at his house in the morning, a trip to the country, complete with a not so humble rented abode, a fully stocked fridge (alcohol included) and a private chef for when we want to stay in).


There will be country walks, funny talks, dressing up, drinks downed, wrapping ripped, cakes licked, candles blown, speechy tones, family fun and hopefully even a little bit of sun. 


For months the plan has been the same ; all I had to do was turn up, gift in hand, smile on face, packed and ready for the weekend ahead. But then it happened.  SCA happened. 1000 Scamps in 48 hours happened. And just like that it all came tumbling down. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m overjoyed to be here. I’m not complaining, or asking for some kind of pity party (I am not sure the how the poor little Holly can’t go to the party because she has to go to the world’s best ad school instead’ would go down anyway),  But I do feel bad. Crying bad. 


There are few things that come into play here, but only one that really counts.  


You may be thinking, but you would be wrong, that I am just  upset about missing my Michelin started meal ( although I had already picked out my meal – and not out of necessity). You may even think that I am experiencing  some sort of FOMO (as the kids would say), but if you thought that you would be wrong again. No. Instead there is only one thing that really bothers me: My dad. I am upset for my dad. I’m worried that somewhere, buried far far away, he may feel the smallest pang of disappointment or upset that I wasn’t there to help celebrate his big day with him, to make memories with him and that is something I cannot take. That is the stuff that makes me cry. 


With this weekend being a surprise he of course, A does not know there is something for me to flake out on and B would probably rather I be at school, given that he is contributing to me being here, but this doesn’t help. And although I know I’ll be exactly where he thinks I should  and that I will no doubtedly be learning some sort of advertising wizardy (I’d better be, or so help me God, Marc I will NOT be happy). I still will not be able to get that niggling feeling of letting him down out of my head. 


In a desperate attempt to get myself out of this funk and because I am missing out on potentially the best meal of my life (we will never know.) I thought it would remiss of me not to tally up the total cost of the meal I am missing out on and charge it to Marc so here we have it Marc Lewis please see your bill below: 


1x Bottle of sparkling water £4

1x 2017 La Lomba Rosado, Garnacha-Viura, Ramón Bilbao, La Rioja £75.00

1x Vegetarian tasting menu £150 

Service charge (or in this case emotional charge) 12.5 %


Total : £57.63



Alternatively to the meal , I also accept cheques (why not) money or discounted fees*


*Terms and conditions apply, see Holly for the terms and conditions.


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