McDonalds is good for you

Laurens Grainger

By Laurens Grainger


McDonalds is good for you.

About a year ago, I had a bit of a moment with a McChicken Sandwich.

Well, it wasn’t really about the McChicken Sandwich, it was more about what I was reading in my other hand.  I was reading Paul Graham’s essay on Doing What You Love


He says that if we give it enough thought and effort, we can all find a job we truly love – and that if we find it, not only will we be happy, we could make a success of it too.

But as most of us are doing just fine in jobs we don’t necessarily love – why should we bother?  Why shouldn’t we settle?

Well, remember being a kid? Remember that frenzied enthusiasm? Remember that feeling when you made something you were genuinely proud of (be it a drawing, a short story or maybe a fortress made of Lego) and you wanted to show it off to everyone you could find?

When someone says that there’s a job out there than can give you that feeling – why would you settle for anything less?

I’m not saying that you should hand in your resignation letter tomorrow so you can build Lego fortresses.

But, you should find what you love doing more than anything else – and start doing it more.

And don’t just do a little bit of it here and there; make it your hobby and get fully ingrained in it.  Before you know, you’ll get pretty good at it. Once that happens, you’ll soon start producing things you can be proud of.

Then take that leap of faith – start sharing what you’ve made with your friends and start chatting with others who share your passion.  You never know, things might just fall in to place, you might even make a career of it.

That’s what I was inspired to do. I sat back and thought about what I enjoyed most – that was making things (videos, pictures, anything) to entertain friends and pretty much anyone else who’d give it their time of day.  A bit silly maybe, but it’s true…

So I tried to do more of this stuff over the last year.  I started by writing my own stand-up comedy set and I performed it in front of 120 people.  Following that definitely-not-terrifying-in-any-way experience, I went on to write my own sitcom script from scratch.

Along with some other things that I did, those experiences made me realise that maybe I wasn’t that bad after all, that maybe I could make a career of being creative.

After much pondering, I finally got the balls to ask a few people for their tips on becoming a ‘Creative’ in adland and I was told the SCA was the place to go.  After a short call with the SCA, my heart was set.  And once my application got accepted – it was a done deal.

See, McDonald’s is good for you after all.


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