Me and Strategy

What a journey it has been so far. It feels like the perfect mystery movie and every other mystery is solved as well as being entertaining also teaches me a lot. Of course, I’m talking about SCA when I say the perfect movie and I’m talking about briefs when I say solving mysteries. I’m closing in on the first term of my SCA journey. I still can’t believe we have 2 more terms in this crazy movie.

SCA has put me in situations where I have to adapt, improve, explore, conquer, connect, disconnect and situations I can describe with every exciting Word I can think of. I say this because it is exciting.

When SCA first started we had interesting briefs that made us push ourselves but it got real once we started presenting to accomplished agencies and people who are really in the grasp of the industry. It sets a standard when you’re present to these agencies. You really wanna Show them the best version of yourself. When I say this what I mean is you want to make it right. You want your strategy, your proposition, and your insight to be right. Therefore, the craft and the executions will be right. What makes this so interesting is there is a structure. Everything is step-by-step. The best insights lead to the best ideas. The best strategy you can get leads to the best executions. Therefore, I found myself spending so much time trying to find the right insights to connect interesting dots that would lead to a proper strategy. I was here thinking I’m gonna create some colourful posters. I wanna be an art director and that’s still the same, but I now see how important the thinking part is. I can see that a better strategy equals better execution.

The thing is the more you do it the better you get. That’s the truth about most things. When I first started looking into the strategy element of a brief I struggled a lot and with that struggle, of course, it was frustrating. Once I started to get used to this structure it started to become more enjoyable. I got so excited when I started to think of decent ideas. SCA allowed me to do this. 

The Do London brief. This brief was a real challenge to me because I and my partner on this brief wanted to make the idea right to the point where we were still thinking of the strategy for a few hours to go before the presentation.

The best thing about going through all these briefs and trying different types of strategies every other week is that you start getting used to them. Of course, I don’t feel comfortable with strategy, not even close. Pete said, everyone gets it at one point, some during SCA, some a bit after SCA and some people well into their career. What I would say is, I’m not close to getting strategy sorted yet, of course, a bit closer than when I first started the term, but I’m enjoying it way more than before.


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