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By Mark Davison



I’m not a blog person. I’m not a prolific vlogger, I’m definitely not a diary person. Honestly I even find auto-biographies a bit awkward (though maybe that says more about the people I’m curious to read about than about the genre itself)*. I know that some people find it helpful to write their thoughts down; it helps them to put everything in order in their minds. That’s fine, so long as you don’t expect me to read it, or even worse write my own.
So you can imagine my horror when I learnt, that as part of my year at SCA, I would be expected to write SCABs which total strangers, and even worse people I know, might read! But then it got better. I received an email from Honor, letting us know about our pre-start of year brief.
Before applying to SCA, being creative was always a private process for me. I was happy to show off my work, but how I go there, and the process of coming up with that work was mine. And I think that is what I’m finding so difficult about this brief. The idea of sharing that process, the trials, the errors, screw ups, and eventually the break-throughs, with a bunch of people I haven’t even met, never mind the whole of YouTube, is up there in the top 5 ways to make me lose sleep. In hindsight maybe I do remember someone mentioning something about the deep-end…
*However if you have any good recommendations of must read auto-biographies please do let me know. I’ve got a few books to finish off first, but I will add it to the list.

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