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Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak



Hey. It’s me. 
I’ve been working hard on D&AD but now I can’t set myself free. 
After busy D&AD time (which I actually enjoyed) I just can’t find right pace, I can’t rest properly and I can’t be focused for work either! Trying to to solve this since D&AD ended it’s time to find a solution for it.
I wrote the part above till here in the morning and I was going to write about how can I solve it, but then we went for a working lunch where we talked about Cream focused times ahead of us and I got some answers.
Firstly… Working lunch: huge fan! I heard good feedbacks from teams that had one before us, but still, I was surprised and I really enjoyed it – not just because of free food. 
Back on topic. After scaring us with effort we have to put into winning cream in coming days, Marc made a point again – we have to work smart. 
I think we hear this quite often at SCA, but this time hit me more than ever – I guess recent sleepless nights and overly occupied head made me resonate with it more. 
scheduling daily tasks, work, appointments,
setting SMART goals,
meditate every night,
meditate throughout the day,
giving third of time to friends and family, spend third of it working and third of it for myself
sleep enough,
reflect daily
eat better
and exercise
are just some of things that I should put in practice more and will help me get focused to write better, richer and more meaningful SCAB next time. 
Next time.

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