Monthly collecting dots – By @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Monthly collecting dots

At the beginning of the year I tried to write a weekly scab about what to do in London to collect dots. I decided to do it not only because as a foreigner I find everything attractive in a big city. But I think being curious as a new born is an ability we need to maintain. So after last week I decided to share a bigger list of stuff to do in a month. Take it as a to do collecting dots list that will start from tomorrow. London offers an enormous amount of activities and culture so let’s try to live it as much as possible.
1. Go to a library to work
2. Rooftop day – queen off Hoxton have an amazing winter roof garden
3. Enjoy a long walk in a park
4. Mini golf night in the backyard of a pub in Brixton
5. Enjoy an early coffee at San Marino ( in brixton)
6. Stonehenge is not that far away, enjoy a day trip and discover a new place
7. Enjoy a lunch as Italians do. Sit down at 12 and stand up at 6 to go for an aperitif
Week 2
1. Walk to school or if it’s too far away get off the bus or tube one stop early
2. Laser night – yes I said laser night yuhuuu try a laser fight
3. Spend a night in a Wetherspoon and discover another society
4. Go to hackney and enjoy a different area of the city
5. Science is my bitch. Go to visit the science museum
6. Go to the Saatchi gallery and look at people trying to understand art, it’s always funny
7. Brixton has a brewery and you can drink a beer in it, relax and enjoy the moment.
Week 3
1. Discover Bonnington square and its secret garden
2. We are always asked to network. Go check this art exhibition in Balham, you will maybe find a new interpretation of what networking is
3. Enjoy a Korean BBQ in New Malden and end the night in a karaoke bar
4. Fancy a movie?
5. Rent a bike and ride from North to South
6. JUMP JUMP JUMP trampoline world is waiting for you
7. Brick Lane food market is half price on Sunday just before closing. Go and enjoy some international food.
Week 4
1. Enjoy a Monday morning pre work club. Different locations offer this party that runs from 6 to 9. Get your battery charged before work
2. Just sit for 3 hours on a bench and enjoy your surroundings
3. Go spend a day with unusual animals in Mudchute Park and Farm. Lamas will welcome you in this strange park
4. We all love live music. But what about live music in strangers’ houses?  Check Sofar sound
5. I’m Swiss and sometimes I miss mountains. Go freeclimbing at the climb hangar
6. Paint ball war. Go take out all your stress and shoot some coloured balls.
7. Time to relax and get ready for the next month, enjoy a day in a spa.

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