Much ado about an ultra-sonic distance sensor

Lucy Baker






By @LucyRBaker93


Greetings all,

In the words of Europe ‘it’s the final count down’, the last few hours before I enter into the unknown. Unfortunately for me, my introduction to SCA2 has rather tragically been scuppered at the final hurdle by an Arduino catastrophe…

I aim to explain my woes in this poem, and hope to make all wrongs right by the end of this week, but for now I am terribly sorry: 

Tomorrow I was meant to show a technical display

With ultra-sonic distance sensors blowing you away.

Unfortunately, last night, the BLASTED little sensor

Seems to have exploded… I could not be feeling tenser. 

Not only have a battled day and night to work this thing,

Just a week ago I had finally made it sing!

Then, all of a sudden, when typing in some coding,

My little sister Phoebe said ‘Luce look, the thing’s exploding!

Perhaps I got my wires crossed (quite literally, no joke),

Or maybe I just looked at it and that is how it broke.

I’ve never been a technobabe, and trust me I am trying,

I’ve even named arduino ‘Arnold’, really, i’m not lying. 

Arnold and I’s relationship is sometimes good but often bad,

There’s no domestic violence but he’s a complicated lad.

He doesn’t do much talking and that’s also problematic,

I don’t know what he wants from me, and last night he was erratic. 

My frustration’s overwhelming, i’m ashamed, my head held low,

Will I let this stop me? I ask myself… oh no. 

Amazon’s been contacted, a new one on the way,

So keep your fingers crossed that by the end the ‘thing’ will play.

Please accept my humble apologies, from Arnold and I,

This is my last SCAB before we start, so until the 9th, goodbye.

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