My Back Pocket – By @EdzaiSoper

My Back Pocket

The future. So unknown. 

After a month of SCA life I have realised there is no point trying to predict what is coming round the corner. The briefs come in thick and fast from all directions.

One of the methods I have used to try and prep for this is to write a list of random pieces of inspiration I have picked up in day to day life that may become handy for an ad. Little nuggets of truth that could one day crack the brief to end all briefs. 

Though these ideas may not be relevant now, safely stored in my back pocket they are ready, cocked like a loaded gun, too be shot in the face of the next tricky campaign puzzle. 

Following is that list thus far: 

  • Walking round an empty house naked is great
  • Mariachi band playing Bollywood music
  • Dogging tales is a great doc
  • Bull in a china shop advert is great
  • Nothing positive about Covid
  • Realistic scene from documentary then turns out locals are just acting
  • Best way to trust is just to trust
  • Time line of the history of London
  • When you are thinking it looks like you are doing absolutely nothing
  • An actor going full guns blazing for a tv show (e.g. Eastenders) like they’re heath ledger
  • Think about it deeply for a minute. Then forget about it. Then an idea will just pop up in your face.
  • Admit that adverts are manipulative / persuasive / annoying
  • Kidnap the PM
  • Who in here has sent a nude?
  • Snooker refs
  • Raging
  • Everyone hates banking ads but banking is a necessary evil
  • People with feat fetiches are among us
  • Screamo in the local pub open mic
  • Can we stop it with instagram puns
  • Dealers big fans of tennis
  • Yo sushi conveyor belt with a naked man
  • Only fans that actually just sells only fans
  • Do fish drink water?
  • Soul singer using illness to hit those low notes
  • Vicky Pollard teaches wokeness  

Some good some pretty shit. 

Though none of have come in handy yet, these raw pieces of information are still young and who knows, once exploited maybe they could convince a nation to go vegan. 

Any SCA students reading this, if I see a snooker ref in any of your ads I expect 69% of the proceeds. Cheers. 

PS: this SCAB was unintentionally meta in that using this list for the SCAB was itself a back pocketed idea. Now it is used I have nothing. Weeks of gathering splurge in one swift copy and paste. Sweet. The next one will require a bit more thought.  

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