My favourite word

I’m writing this SCAB while I’m on the way to school. My train is delayed and I’m just sitting here. Just sat in a tunnel. Pitch black. In a tunnel somewhere under London. The darkness of winter turns the windows that show us what’s outside, into mirrors that reflect what’s on the inside. 

I’ve been unplugging recently. No headphones in. Not scrolling on my phone. Just sat on the train, watching people, staring out of the window (Like a psycho!) and generally just weaning myself off being always connected and hyper stimulated. Just trying to tune into what’s happening and cultivating the skill of being bored. An underrated skill in my opinion. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s not because I’m trying to fill a word count believe me. All this is a roundabout way of getting onto the topic of today’s scab. My favourite word. 


That’s it. That’s my favourite word. 

Errm Nabeel, are you sure about that? Wouldn’t a “creative” person’s favourite word be yes?

Well, dear reader, you may be right to a certain extent. Us creative people love a yes, we love the positivity of a yes. But for me, there’s something powerful in a ‘No’ there’s a sense of rebellion. A sense of mischief.

Don’t get me wrong! I love a ‘yes’ more than most. It’s led to some great stories and I will try and embrace any opportunity that comes my way with the energy of ‘fuck yeah’.

Let me explain.

I was a very curious child growing up. I still am. Fascinated by the world and why things are the way they are. So then you might think ‘why’ is probably my favourite word. 

But you’d be wrong. It’s a close second but you’d be wrong. 

To me ‘No’ is the power of rebellion, the power to choose a path you want. A path to freedom. Every ‘No’ I’ve ever heard (and believe me, I’ve had A LOT) has been freeing. It showed me the way by showing me what isn’t the way. But sometimes I’ve said fuck it and done it anyway. 

A ‘No’ can change the whole course of your life. Something I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve heard it a lot over the course of my 29 years on this planet. In the past, at the time of each ‘No’ I’d probably have experienced intense despair about being deflected off what I thought was my chosen path. But I’m going to leave you with you a quote I discovered a few years ago which has resonated with me and serves as a nice reminder every time I embrace a new ‘No’. 

“Life shows you the way by showing you what isn’t the way. The obstacle is the way” 

So, while yes is an amazing word. ‘No’ can be pretty damn powerful. Revolutions start with the word ‘No’. People can change the world motivated by the power of a ‘No’ 

(Hi mum, thanks for reading! Sorry for any typo’s, I’m on the train)


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