My guide to breakfast – By @LawrenceESlater

By Lawrence Slater


My guide to breakfast

I think breakfast is the best meal of the day. It always shocks me when people don’t even have breakfast. Seriously, what are you playing at? It’s banging. If I leave the house without it I always really regret it and find it hard to function without. I end up just eating anything I can get my hands on after a few hours. I go to bed excited that when I wake up I can have brekky.

So here are some of my preferred option. I normally double up with two of these, a starter and main otherwise I find I’m hungry 11 am. 


This is the breakfast OG. You cannot go wrong with it, it is a perfect base for customisation. Bang an apple in when cooking and have a stewed apple version. Or some banana, peanut butter and maple syrup on top. YUM. Other options include adding blueberries, orange segments or just mixing in jam.

When I was a kid my mum used to mix in cocoa powder to porridge to make a chocolate version. It was magic.


My cupboards always have a pack of the sesame New York bakery co bagels in. These I toast and then normally top with Avocado or if time is on my side I cook up some mushrooms and put them on. If I want a sweeter option I add peanut butter, banana, and syrup. The winning combination.


Where do we start here? I often spend a while in the cereal aisle dazed by the bright packaging of the Kellogg’s cereal. I know this isn’t the most healthy option but I often cannot resist a pack of curiously cinnamon. Slightly reluctantly though I tend to opt for the high priced and boujie granolas. 

Jam on sourdough

My housemate works as a pastry chef and brings home a fresh sourdough loaf most days. So this is a tasty and very cost-effective option.

Yogurt (dairy-free

I grew up vegan and so yogurt grosses me out slightly, even the plant-based ones I struggle to trust. But now and again a fruit salad with yogurt goes down a treat.


This is a bit more of a Sunday morning treat when I’m not a rush to leave the house. I’m famous for these amongst my friends. Here is my very own pancake recipe for the batter. 

2 bananas mashed up.

1 cup of milk (soya for me)

1 cup of self-raising flour.

Bit of salt, oil and sugar.

Most importantly for these, you need a good quality non-stick pan if you want good results.

Sometimes I add chunks of dark chocolate to the mixture to up my game.

These are normally topped with fruit compote and some syrup.

Cooked breakfast

This is strictly for the weekends. And generally not cooked by me. Preferably at Blue-brick cafe just off lordship lane in East Dulwich. The perfect spot.

Overnight Oats

I only eat these when I’m having a very organised week as these need preparing the night before and left to sit in the fridge . But the 5 mins the night before is always really rewarded in the morning. The topping options are similar to that of the porridge.


I love a juice in the morning. Makes me feel really healthy all day. Often green in colour, or just a load of bananas, some oats and soya milk blended up.

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