My Passion Project, by @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


I have just submitted my passion project. I painted a portrait.


Of late, I’ve found that half of the art in any creative project comes in the compiling and finessing, as opposed to just the mere creation itself. My painting wouldn’t be as impactful had I not the means to showcase it correctly. My music wouldn’t sound as good without the means to mix it well (something I’m still working on). My photos wouldn’t have as much substance standing alone without a concept.

The key is due diligence; realising each step until the work is complete – a regime that I’m yet to become consistently accustomed to…but I’m getting there little by little. My approach at the moment is to just do until it’s done. So with the painting, I didn’t start until I had everything I needed and didn’t stop until I could stand back and say “it’s done”. Go all out. Why not? When I am tasked with several things to do I sometimes do some of them halfway and only a few to completion. This project turned that on its head.

I’ve already visualised what I want my next paintings to look like. Now it’s just a matter of when I’ll get them done.

P.S If anyone wants to buy me a laptop, I’ll be eternally grateful


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