My strategy for life. By @chloecordon

chloe cordon

By Chloe Cordon


My strategy for life.

Yesterday we were given the task of writing a strategy for life. We were given 5 minutes. I quickly scribbled something down and was done with it, which I have now decided was the best thing I could have done. My strategy was obvious to me. The way I conduct my life on a day to day basis came instantly. The rules I try to live by were easy to grasp from the forefront of my mind, which is what a strategy should be. Obvious. That’s great, right? Apart from the first point in my strategy was

1. Wing it

Yeah. Great strategy Chlo. My strategy is to not have one. Now I’ve thought about this quite a lot since, and decided it’s not so much about deciding to not have a strategy as such, but embracing my personality. I don’t really think about things too deeply. That would freak me out so much. In fact I purposefully sing my motivational song (rock lobster, in case you were wondering. I don’t care what you think it’s a great song) when the going gets tough so I don’t have to think about it. It’s got me through a lot of hard times and look at me. Still fine. Right? Gut reactions rule my world, and honesty is my policy. Winging it means I don’t have a plan. I haven’t scripted every word of the conversation we’re about to have. It means you get me; like the proper me. And I like that. It means I’ll give things a go that I have no idea how to do. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who just wings it every now and then. I’ve heard plenty of people say “I have no idea what I’m doing” and do it anyway.
Winging it helps me to throw myself into things. Things that might be scary, which leads nicely into point 2.

2. Say yes to as much as possible

Now we all know the things we should say no to, right? Everything else, why not? I hope that by living by this rule I’ll experience so much more. Do things I could never dream of; things you could never dream of. Learn more about myself and the world, and the people around me. This will help me in my work, for sure, but also in so many other ways. Ben Golding said to me today that life goes slower the more experiences you cram in. That repetitive days blend into one. Big life changes actually slow down time. If you want to live longer then just. Do. Stuff. Say yes. Try (almost) everything. You might love it.

The final point in my strategy.

3. Just be nice

It’s not hard. Why would you ever want someone to feel bad because of you? I certainly don’t. To quote Suki; “I love you guys”. Soz this got totes emosh. A strategy can do that to you.

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