Nesu’s rules for life

Meet Nesu. He’s SCA’s resident cool guy. 

Nesu and I get along really well. We almost always sit next to each other, regularly bounce ideas and thoughts off each other and just generally get up to no good. Sitting next to him in Brixton regularly gives me access to his unique perspective when it comes to life

I think we could all stand to be a bit more like Nesu. Just a bit more relaxed, easy going and happy in life . So in no particular order, don’t tell anyone but i’m going to give you all the secrets and give you his top three rules for life/things when he thinks no-one’s listening.

Some say these three rules are the secret to a happy life. But who knows. And no: he’s not paying me to write this or holding a gun to my head. So, in the words of Fabrizio Romano.  Here we go!  

#1 I want problems!

Kicking off with a banger! And yeah maybe I took a little bit of creative license with this one. He didn’t actually say this. His words were “I will always choose war” but i changed it because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to attach this gem

Also, looking for problems to solve is our job essentially. We look for real world problems and try to solve them for our clients and briefs. I think that’s what Nesu meant here… At least I hope he did.

#2 Whichever way you flip the sandwich the bread comes first.

When you think about it. A pretty good metaphor for life right. Whatever happens, happens innit. Also I believe all the young kids nowadays use the word “Bread” as a slang term for money (you’re welcome for that bit of knowledge), so in this context? Make of that what you will. 

And it doesn’t even depend on the bread. White, Wholemeal, Whole Wheat, Granary, Multigrain, Sourdough, Rye, Tesco’s budget range. Or even the posh Tesco bread. It’ll always come first, unless you’re weird and put the sandwich filling on the outside. Then I don’t know what to do with that information. 

And don’t ask me why we’re flipping sandwiches here. At this point even I’m lost. But we go with the flow. Andi it does also remind me of this Tiktok, which I thought was genius! 


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