New Beginnings – By @Vick_Smithyy

To Stop

The Unstoppable

Is Impossible

No one knows about every uneven road

You can only see what’s over the edge of the cliff

if you go take a look.

When you think it’s all clear

there could be something hiding.

So don’t stop

Because you’re unstoppable

And to change that, is impossible

I wrote this poem in a poetry master class right at the start of SCA. 

This is the moment I knew that this school was the right decision for me. 

In such a short time I have been pushing my creativity in directions I didn’t know existed. Within 4 weeks at SCA I have already overfilled a notepad with ideas, new knowledge, and ideas I never thought could come from me.

The first month has been very much about getting ideas from head to paper. Some of the new techniques have been invaluable to getting really strong ideas. Being amongst highly talented people has only increased my desire to become better and learn, learn and keep learning. There hasn’t been a day that I have finished having not squirreled away new techniques or knowledge. 

Winning the storytelling brief was a huge confidence booster for me. We had to show ‘tragedy’ with no words in a short film. We had a vision and although as first it was knocked due to not articulating it properly it was such a relief when it paid off. Being an online student, I was worried my voice wouldn’t be heard however I felt like my group made a huge effort to keep me involved. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to constantly repeat things due to poor connection or background noise but my group made the effort to keep me in the loop and we even used the two locations to our advantage. 

The most competitive brief I have experienced so far is ‘naming our agency’ because the winner was chosen externally. The build up was exciting and although my group came second I really loved the sense of community when we were officially named ‘Checkout’. We all came together and was proud for that to become our identity. It is how I am as a person and it confirmed that I was around likeminded people with good intentions for each other.

During this first month I have found some of the techniques difficult. Scamping being one of them. The first day of scamping I came up with only four scamps, by the end of the week I was coming up with around forty scamps. Although the improvement is good it is something I am going to practice with every brief to get even more ideas with more efficiency. I have started to enjoy the technique as I have noticed my ideas dramatically improving the more I do. 

Going forward I am looking forward to start crafting more. I am excited to start to learn ways to make our work look professional and I am looking forward to being about to see how our work may start to fit in, in the real world.

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