Not sure about the label of ‘Creative’. – By @alfsuit

By Alfie Souter


Not sure about the label of ‘Creative’.


So this is my third scab in a week so bear with me. I have come to realise SCABS should just be rants. If we are gonna have to write constant 500 word blog posts, might as well make them into one of those 10 minute anecdotes you don’t want to hear outside the pub. Now this one in particular is sort of just a flow I’m hoping a topic will come up somewhere as I just type.


Big day tomorrow I guess. I have decided to write this the day before since I’m going to be busy after school. Feeling pretty chilled about it I was lucky to meet some of the intake at the end of year party so at least I’m not going into be a room full of strangers. I also was repeatedly told by last year’s intake to try to enjoy term one, which I intend on trying to do. The reality however might be slightly different but I will try not to get too stressed. Hopefully SCA will help me to get a job I actually want to do rather than endlessly filling out excel spreadsheets. After doing that for one of week for work experience I realised that kind of job wasn’t for me. And because I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to doing work (some say nerd but urm nerds are cool) I realised that if I’m going to be one of those losers who is married to their jobs I sort of need to enjoy it. From what I have heard and seen of advertising that is hopefully what I will get from being a ‘creative’. 


I hope I never get to the level of calling myself a ‘creative’. Obviously, advertising is a craft. It’s not easy to sell shit like ball moisturiser. That didn’t stop me seeing an ad before ‘A Quiet Place’ of just a guy putting his hands down his pants and the tagline appearing ‘generic name’ its moisturiser for your balls. But I do think the term is quite pretentious I don’t think we (I say we having had no experience in the field) do not quite reach the heights of great composers or artists who I would term as creatives. I mean it is of course a loose term but the connotations are never the less still there. 

I am undecided on whether to pursue the copywriter or art director route. I do see myself being a capable copywriter but then again, I can’t spell most words so will see how that goes. Being an art director does interest me and I am somewhat emboldened by my passion project to say that I can draw. But I feel I do lack the technical no how of illustrator, I think I have a decent handle on final cut and Photoshop. However, I’m not sure I want to spend lots of my time essentially editing. So, bit of a toss-up as it is. Anyway, reached the word count now. Thanks for sticking with the rambles.

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