Nothing exists!  – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


Nothing exists! 

We are being lied to.

There is no such thing as Frosties. It’s just sugar coated puffs in cardboard boxes. 

There is no such thing as Arsenal Football Club. It’s just 11 human beings kicking a rubber sphere around, wearing red shirts. The players… They’re not even from Arsenal.

There is no such thing as anything really. I’m not even Dean. I’m just a full bodied creature.

We are living in a false reality. jMac knows that iMac is in control. I recently watched ‘The Truman Show.’ Wow. It’s like I’d been waiting my entire life to see it.

The lamp you call a lamp… The spider you call a spider…The Coke you call a Fanta. Nothing exists. 

This school lifts the lid. It shows you what’s inside. A Citroën is just scraps of metal glued together. Or is it? Once the badge goes on the brand has a responsibility. 

If water was curvaceous and transparent green, would it still be water? If it was the original Aqua vitae, would it still be water? If it was dew from the heavens, would it still be water? No. It would be Perrier. 

Let’s talk about subliminal messages for a second. McRib. These occur quickly. Without you even noticing. McRib. The Simpsons tried to get everyone to join the navy. McRib. Flashing lights and subtle frequencies below the threshold of consciousness. McRib. 

This school plays games with your mind. Go stand inside a supermarket. Watch how the masses operate. Go on, ask them why they bought a certain brand of butter over another. 

This is one that I have been loving lately.

It masters the mind. 

You’re four times 

It’s hard to 

more likely to have 

concentrate on 

a road accident

two things 

when you’re on 

at the same time.

a mobile phone.

For me there is a powerful idea in this THINK! road safety message. It leaves you feeling utterly confused. It puts your mind into the dangerous state that it wishes to deter you from. 

Peter Souter said that we are the viagra of capitalism. It’s our job to build factories. He said we sell maths like it’s poetry. We give hope. We provide an escape. When done right we are the medicine of the mind. 

Maybe that stick of butter will be used to bake a birthday cake. Maybe Tony the Tiger makes our morning meal something we can greet. Maybe while experiencing a football match, for 90 minutes, we forget about life’s hardship. We become one. A tribe. How primal. Go Spurs. 


It’s like finding out the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. 

But as Andy said. ‘Maybe the consumer is our little sister, who doesn’t know that dad is actually dressed as Santa.’ We are the older brother desperately trying to keep Christmas alive. Wrapping presents. Hiding her from mum and dads Tesco bags. Marc is Father Christmas crawling down the chimney. 

We’re Santa’s Conduits. 

We bring Christmas to everyone. Even Jews.

So let me ask you something.

Do you believe in the power of dreams? 

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