Now I have a good excuse – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


Now I have a good excuse

During my whole life I’ve been starting and attending hobbies, activities, projects, events, concerts… most of the hobbies I left after a while, some of them introduced me to new activities,  many times I had to go alone, sometimes I could convince some friends. But I’ve always kept curious about what is happening around me.

To make you understand that, here is a typical WhatsApp conversation with my family and friends:

Family and friends: “Hey Marta, how are you? What are you doing?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m cool! I am in this random activity about this random topic in this random city.” (Change random for the specific word of that day)

Family and friends thoughts: This girl is so lost…

My thoughts: I have to follow my heart I guess.

I am from a small city in the middle of Spain, I have tried all the activities the city offered, just to mention some of them: cycling, chess, music conservatory, rhythmic gymnastics or theatre workshop (my role was to be a tree, this is a funny story, maybe for another SCAB).

I went to study university in Seville (south of Spain). My teachers don’t know what D&AD is and I wasn’t very interested in grades so I continued trying new activities as storyteller for hospitalized children, I went to jazz dance classes for a while or drums classes. I joined to the volleyball team of my university but I discovered it wasn’t my thing. 

One year I moved to study in Bilbao (north of Spain) where I became a music photographer and also I did a documentary which I’m very proud of. I even went to independence demostrations in Basque Country, not because I supported independence of this region  (neither against it) but I wanted to learn what they think about Spain.

Two  summers ago I decided to move to Edinburgh where I worked as waitress. Althought I moved alone I thought I couldn’t get bored there. In fact, it was impossible. The Fringe Festival is a whole world! 

Last summer I decided to move to Berlin to get to know the city. I would have liked to work in a cool place in such a cool city as it is Berlin but I worked as a Segway tourist guide (not my dream job but it was kind of fun) I could learn a bit of Berlin vibes, it’s definetely a playground for artists.

Currently I’m living in Hamburg, I want to finish this SCAB before going to an anti-racist rap concerts event (hope I don’t struggle with it too much).

During all these years, I’ve had to explain why I always wanted to witness everything happening around me. 

Fortunately, despite my parents didn’t understand me very well (their thoughts are: if we can travel to the sunny beach in Spain why our daughter always wants to move to colder cities?) but they’ve always supported me on my decisions. 

Now that I’ve been offered a place at SCA I think they understand me a bit better and they are even willing to learn English to support me (that’s a big step!).

Meanwhile I just keep doing everyday stuffs that apparently are no practical at all, but now they have a proper excuse: 

I’m going to be an advertising woman!

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