Ode – By @rolloskinner

By Rollo Skinner



Gut instinct’s red,

Planning is Blue,

Strategy it seems I’m falling for you.


An overused word,

I’d misunderstood,

Not one to arouse my creative wood.


But it’s a merely a plan,

Backed up by research,

Vital for work at the SCA church.


But why did I choose

To make a Valentine Poem,

Who is for and where is this goin’?


It’s questions like this,

I must make sure I ask,

Or where does one start with an After Effects mask?


I’m learning to craft,

From our own Mr Ian,

Coz Adobe software might as well be Korean..


Last week it turned out,

Our idea’d been made,

A mistake to avoid if we want to be paid.


But at SCA,

One reflects and gets better,

Whilst also consuming a kilo of cheddar.


Perhaps I’m just soppy,

Because of Alcohol consumed,

But Jesus Christ haven’t we all bloomed,


Thinking back to last time,

I didn’t have a clue,

Making stuff of the unstickiest glue.


But, by jove I’m still crap,

And my strategy still slow,

Whilst I’ve come a short way, there’s a long way to go.


This week we will lose,

Our Clare and Pete Cain,

Off to The Sun on a big ole’ jet plane.


But we must continue to work,

Without inhibition,

The relentless search for the right proposition.


Poems shouldn’t be long,

So that’s enough from me,

My next SCAB will probably be ‘bout D&AD.


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