Oh look…a green card. By @sperfys

Federica Martini

By Federica Martini


Oh look…a green card.

Saturday night, in a club in Piccadilly Circus what do you expect?
It’s been kinda an improvised night, you go out for a Five Guys burger with a friend and you end up marrying an american guy from Buffalo. Not too bad.

The scenario is a classic one, I’m walking through the crowd in a club, and a drunk guy approaches me:

“I love you!”.


“ok this is the deal, if you don’t get married in 6 months marry me and move to buffalo”

“no thanks”

“o seriously? why not? I mean if you could chose between Buffalo and your hometown where would you move?”

“I’d rather stay here”
“ok…can I have your number?” “…”

I wonder how many girls got this guy’s proposal last night.
I don’t really know what’s the all point here, but we’ve been talking a lot about going the extra mile to get what you want, and this guy is a pure example, I mean I really respect you weak handshake Ben, you are really ready to do everything it takes to get to sleep with someone random!

But I think there is always a better way.

First of all set a big goal in your head and be sure of what you want (marriage or just a one night stand?);
Second step keep in mind that it takes hundreds of smaller goals to reach the big one (marriage takes time, and well if you want to convince someone to sleep with you on a saturday night, at least don’t get ridiculously drunk), be focus and don’t forget about details (like handshakes for example, no one forgets a weak handshake) and most important… sacrifices!! Yes because those sacrifices are actually what I consider as Going the extra mile. Sacrifices are all of those obstacles that make you realize how worth the Big Goal is. I mean if you really want to get married you need to be ready to sacrifice some nights out with your mates, a new car, remember to pee INSIDE the toilet not all around it. Even if you just aim to a quickie you probably need to be patient, like pretending to be interested in what the girl is saying and be nice really nice to her.

I mean shortcuts do exist but the result is always proportionate to the effort you put in what you do.

In this case…the american boy probably just ended up throwing up in china town regretting his night out.

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