On Reflection – By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten



On Reflection 

Last week was pretty busy. Kind of mad hectic. I was v much v tired. Everyone looked a bit zonked out.
Everything went at a million miles an hour and whizzed about inside my brain and inside the studio. 
Everyone at SCA was in a bubble. A seriously sleep deprived bubble. Most people were working off 3 hours sleep (at most) for a few days in a row. 
Then we handed in D&AD.
People started laughing again. People started talking again. People started looking like people again!
Just when we all started being able to take information in again, Ed Morris came along to talk to us. 
And it was kind of perfect timing. 
Nobody really knew what to expect and we certainly didn’t know we would have the capacity to take anything important in. 
But, sitting down, with music and incense that immediately took us outside the room we had chained ourselves to, Ed gently and calmly talked us through his life learnings.
Just when we had learnt so much about how hard we could work, how fast we could go and how much we wanted this; we learnt how to really and truly reflect. 
We learnt how to stop, stand still, and see what was happening with clarity. How to see through all the gobbledegook. 
How to appreciate the moment. How to be in the moment. 
How to meditate in our own ways. How to know, stick to and live by our own truth. 
How important time is. How important context is. How time changes everything, how context changes everything. 
How this thing we really want, will one day become something we’ll forget to appreciate. 
How to always appreciate what you have worked for. 
But how to always work towards much much more than what current you appreciates. 
How to aim higher than high. How to dream bigger than big. But, how to stay you-er than you. 
How knowing yourself is the most important lesson of all. 
And we soaked it all right up. 
At one point I looked around and the room looked mesmerised. 
I’m pretty sure people even stopped blinking. 
Some days at SCA are truly special. 
Some days are especially truthful. 
On reflection, that was one. 
Thanks Ed. 

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