One day when we’ll have a break. By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


One day when we’ll have a break.

We have been given a live brief that will make us think about how people spend breaks. With D&AD deadline in the near future, we still have some time to dream about breaks… What would be our perfect one?
Becci – My perfect break would be spent going roller skating in the sunshine with my family, Mike and best friends – whilst the strokes performed, serenading our skating…and then afterwards we all sit and eat patbingsu!
Ben G – Go an have a ridiculous 15 course meal at Faviken and stay the night afterwards. 
Zac – Naked ping pong
Laurens – Naked ping pong
Drew – I would be sprawled across a blue and white striped deck chair on Columbian beach with a icy Caipirinha in one hand and a spicy cigarette in the other, right next to a Latina goddess that calls me el papi grande. Until that day…
Roman – Above the earth, in a transparent spaceship, listening Space Oddity and drinking smoothie in zero gravity.
Nick K – Riding a unicorn, naked, towards the sunset.
Angus – 4 bottles of champs, 10 cans of tyskie, 5 pills, a tab of acid, 3 grams of hash and a gram of k. Don’t really mind where it’s consumed. Only joking a long weekend in Havana.
Nadia – Commenting on a group SCAB.
Tristan – Isolation tank + N,N-Dimethyltryptamine
Adriano – My perfect break would be riding a unicorn on a rainbow while drinking rice wine without feeling the pain of drinking rice wine. 
Nunu – Underwater with Spongebob
Federica – Well on a lovely leather sofa, drinking a coffee, no social network bullshit feeds and some decent music.
Sebastien – On a boat.
Nihal – Steaming hot Jacuzzi + iced cold Mojito.
Alicia – either in snow or sunshine or on safari. 
Blaz – In Bricksburg eating Lidl’s cookie as appetiser, pringles crisps as main course and Kitkat chunky as a dessert. 
Katy – literally anywhere with a prawn sandwich
Laura – In a beautiful Italian city with Yorkshire puddings
Sokaina – Finding out the meaning of life then mysteriously disappear before I have chance to tell anyone.
Bea – Horseback riding in the forest.
Orla – An 8 hour break in bed sleeping.
Tomazs – Reaching for nirvana with Ben the buddist
Matt K – A GP sausage roll and an eye mask.
Dennis – A beach, a palm tree, the deep blue ocean 24°c, a tiny cloud in the sky in the shape of white rabbit, white russian on the rocks and Ben Tatham playing guitar in a hula skirt.
Chloe – Drinking loads of Yorkshire tea but never needing to wee. Also crisps. All of the crisps.
Matt B – A 4 month adventure across America. Casual.
Ben T – sun on my face. yeah sun on my face
Sam – Yeti hunting
Ethan – Round a fire on a summer night, beer in hand


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