Opportunity is Everywhere – By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten



Opportunity is Everywhere

Under a rock. Behind a tree. 
Round the bend. Up the chimney.
Right behind you, right in front. 
Above your head. Under a flump. 
It’s very easy to get a bit low at SCA.
Things sort of happen around you and whizz around making you tired and confused. 
You don’t always understand why some things happen and some don’t. 
Sometimes it feels like you’re not really in control. 
You’re on a roll, but not in control. 
You can even be on an extremely fast roll, but you’ll still have no idea why it’s happening.
Why you? Why me? Then the next minute; why not?
To some extent, winning SCA is probably about having some faith in it.
After all, SCA has done this 6 times already. We’re all still on the first go. 
And it takes a long time to realise that the illogicalness of it all is kind of the beauty. 
The impossible-to-pin-down thing is probably the reason why it works. 
You don’t learn much when you win, so it’s actually better to lose. 
What weird kind of game is that? 
The pace makes you go a bit wonky.
Things move faster than you can really handle at times. 
It makes you lose perspective, and it certainly makes you lose some friends. 
We’re busy. Very busy. Not busy just pretending to be busy. But busy busying about doing bizniz. Busily learning and picking stuff up with or without knowing it. 
Like little sponges we soak up all this soapy advertising stuff and then start to foam it out all over each other.
Foamy foamy squishy squish. 
It’s easy to forget that you asked for it all. 
It’s easy to forget that you actually paid for this*. 
It’s easy to forget the true opportunity that SCA might just be able to give you. 
Whatever your reason for coming to SCA, everybody wants to leave with the same outcome. 
To be happier than they were before. 
That’s the point right? 
You put yourself through this to be in a better position than the one you were in a year ago. 
You did this to make you happy. 
So let it. 
Embrace the weirdness. Take hold of the strangeness. Forget about everything you wanted that was rational and just indulge in it all. 
Yes it will mess with your head. Yes it will make you a little mad and cross and angry.  
Yes, you basically won’t have a clue what’s going on pretty much ever. 
But, step back and have a little laugh at the whole thing.
SCA exists purely to give you an opportunity.
The opportunity to be a full time adult with a full time job doing full time child’s play.
Sound like a full on joke? These guys take it very seriously. 
Take a moment to double check with your old pal perspective and realise that you don’t always have to be in control. 
You don’t always have to know where you’re going. 
You just need to know it’s trying to put you in a better position than you could have put yourself in. 
SCA is trying to make you happy. 
You have no idea when the next opportunity might come. 
And it might just be the one that changes errything. 
“A life is made up of a great number of small incidents and a small number of great ones” 
Roald Dahl, Going Solo 
*will be paying for this for the next 15 yearssss. 

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