By Malou Stitz



Opportunities….. or according to the dictionary; the possibility of doing something. And that is exactly what I’ve been up to lately, sniffing around to find these opportunities, they are everywhere! Lately I’ve been diving with sharks, sea turtles, barracudas, giant crabs etc. etc., I’ve been looking for a guy who runs an entire island, but no one knows who he is? So I’m also still looking. I’ve met a bunch of cool people and I went to a wedding in the Caribbean. All of this is only possible because I said yes to an opportunity.
All the time I reflect on how my horizon expands with the things I’m experiencing.
I was reading ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’ by the great Poul Arden, and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself a little. Because what he writes about is exactly what I’ve been doing, I did what most people wouldn’t have and went on an adventure. 
Having an open mind will let you explore the world in many different perspectives. I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people lately about life, what the different states in life mean, what numbers mean, and how many people live by the book, black and white with no room for colours. Basically, they grew up.
Now, I doubt that’s the case with the most highly creative people… or well at least I hope so. We have an urge to break the rules of what is and understand that creativity doesn’t necessarily mean you work in advertising, you’re painter or that kind of thing. It just means that you are thinking differently. 
If you’re not from the SCA, I wonder how you read the headline?! Was it ‘Opportunity is now here, or opportunity is no where?’ Same letters – two very different meanings. After coming to the SCA I’ve truly found some allied people. Some who did the same stupid things as I did when I was a school kid, broke the rules all the time and most of the time got away with it, because of the ability to come up with stories for why I did what I did or why it happened. 
I can recall a time in kindergarten when I got into so much trouble for trying to create my own Flubber (yes the green slimy bouncing ball from the ‘97 film with Robin Williams), I was obsessed with the thing and desperately wanted a Flubber of my own. So what did I do? First I recruited my best friends and told them about my project. Then I made them promise on their life that they wouldn’t tell a grown up because I knew my master plan of creating a Flubber would get us all into trouble. So once they had made pinky promises, the creating could begin. First I stole some green food coloring from home along with a lot of clear soap from the kindergarten and then we mixed it all in a bucket and hid it under one of the bathroom sinks. We then continued to feed the substance every day with more soap and random stuff, in the hope that one day it would be solid enough to make a decent Flubber. But then something happened, as it does with most people – my friends got scared of the unknown. The idea of ‘breaking the rules’ became too much for them all and so they told the grown ups. Alas my Flubber was taken away from me after a lot of yelling but I didn’t really care about the yelling, I had so much fun while it lasted. 
I could tell lots of stories like this, SCA made me reflect on these happenings. I always knew I was thinking differently to most people, but never really gave too much thought as to why some people just settle and others manage to escape the 9-5 way of living. So cheers to opportunities, seeking them out and having fun. I’ll finish with a thing my best friend says; If everything is wet, then is there anything that’s really wet at all?? I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to explore to find out. 

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