Our Favourite Rabbits

Happy year of the rabbit baby ! To celebrate Honey has gathered this extensive list of all our favourite rabbits. Year of the rabbit is supposed to be the luckiest one, isn’t that nice. Enjoy ! 

Honey x

Aimee:  playboy bunny – cuz I’m a pengting.

Alec: Okja the pig is my favourite rabbit Okja: A genetic super pig and the environment - BBC News

Anna: chocolate rabbit 

Annie: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. The most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on, also my spirit animal. 

Anu: Quicky, the mascot of Nesquik. This was a luxury drink in India when I was growing up and Strawberry flavour was my favourite.

Charlie H:  Frank from Donnie Darko. Scarred me for like 5 years.

Ella: Peter Rabbit, always up to something.

Peter Rabbit Large Shaped Board Book - Beatrix Potter Shop

Emma: The Raving Rabbids. A bunch of stupid rabbits, who make us laugh without saying a word. They stick together through the hardships of life, and are an inspiration for people to… well just stop thinking at all.

Euan: Br’er Rabbit. Be good or be good at it! 

Fred: Gollum rabbit. A lost hero. 

Gwen: Trix Rabbit. Because who doesn’t love cereal?

Happy birthday: General Mills' Trix Rabbit turns 60

Hope: Easter Bunny. Why does this totally vegan creature give you chocolate? Why is that chocolate egg-shaped? I don’t care! If this isn’t your favourite rabbit, you’re lying.

Issie: Lola Rabbit – the official girl boss of looney tunes.

Lola Bunny | Looney Tunes Wiki | Fandom

Jamaal : White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, (2nd choice but Bugs Bunny was taken.)

Jess: Miffy. Because she’s cute af. Aww. And I want to eat the aesthetic.

Jodie: The rabbits from Wallace and Gromit. Yay so cheeky love ’em.

Juliette: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – One of the 1st Disney character that have been forgotten when Walt created Mickey Mouse 

Lara: Bugs Bunny, I admire his nonchalance. He truly doesn’t give a damn. And that’s what makes him great. 

Molly: Thumper.

Nicole: Buster Baxter – the annoying best friend I never wanted.

Liv: Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, fussy and compulsive, loves a basket. 

PJ:  Bucky O Hare (Let’s not split hairs over whether he’s a rabbit or not)

Rob: Ralph from Save Ralph, awesome ad for a great cause and a real humble guy.

Rohmarra: Roger Rabbit. Just a Rabbit in love trying to clear his name.

Tara: Snowball, the cutest creature in the secret life of pets 

Xavier: Does this count?

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