Passion project vs Portfolio brief – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid


Passion project vs Portfolio brief


Last Monday, the amazing Victoria Trow came to school and gave us one of the most inspiring talks I’ve heard since I started my journey at SCA 12 weeks ago now (oh dear, already!)

She talked to us about being interesting creatives, and not advertising creatives. To stop constantly watching campaigns, reading only Dave Trott or having Rory Sutherland’s talks in your ears whenever you put your headphones on.

See stuff, do stuff that you love, or try something that you always wanted to try. Collect new dots – any dots, art or not. If you love Zimbabwean cuisine, keep collecting dots in that field as well.

Hence, I decided to invest more of my time into my passion project. However, I found myself in front of a dilemma. Should I spend more time on a brief, or take an afternoon off to work on my passion project?

It might not sound much difficult of a choice to you, but it’s pretty hard for me. I mean, I have a few months left in ad school, so shouldn’t I give everything I have to advertising and build a killer portfolio – or two – for those few months? Or should I do a passion project that will be fun and personal, and that I might put in my portfolio? Ok, third question, should I spend my free time collecting dots as well?

Not sure to be honest…

Marc told me to do everything, now. I agree, but the thing is that I want to do more of everything… But I don’t know which one will help me most this year. I guess all of them, in a way. It also probably depends on the person, and the case, once more.

I guess I’ll just have to find out by myself.

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