‘Perspectives & Ponies’ by @Edwards92Sophie

Perspectives & Ponies.


By Sophie Edwards


This weekend I went home. Not back to the flat I’m being lent by a friend while studying at SCA. But home home. The home where my bedroom still looks like a 14 year old should live. The home where my 6ft body instinctively knows when to duck and dive to navigate the low ceilings and doorframes. The home where my mum still wakes me up in the mornings because she doesn’t believe I can set an alarm.


I went home for two reasons:


  • To finish a sculpture of a horse’s head which I have needed to do for months.
  • To get perspective.


And for the first time in ages, I have left completing both!


First, the sculpture. The horse’s head has been playing on my mind for a long time. Because it earned me a scholarship to SCA. I’ve therefore desperately wanted to finish it – but moving deadlines for the auction has meant I kept putting it off. Well now it’s done. Hurray. Here it is:



Secondly, perspective. It’s easy. Very very easy. To get absorbed into the world of advertising. For me, getting away from London reminds my brain that the world doesn’t revolve around ads, which obviously seems obvious. But it’s easy to forget. Promise. I suppose you may ask why it is important to get perspective? Maybe it isn’t. But knowing the little Jimmy is thirsty from playing football in his garden is rather than wanting to join a revolution of excitement may help you sell him a drink.


There’s a huge sense of achievement when you finish something you set out to do. So my learning for this weekend is set achievable tasks. Remember little Jimmy and don’t ever paint a bedroom pink again.

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