Planning ≠ Doing by @EdwinaKhayat

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By Edwina Khayat



Ben: The longest bit about a SCAB is deciding what to write about


He’s right.

I’ve been thinking about this SCAB for a few days now. I put it in my calendar. Alarms, reminders and everything. I planned it.

It’s a bit like finding the right idea for a campaign.

I kept it at the back of my mind.

What do I want to say? Who’s going to read it? What do they think? What do I want them to think?


Me: maybe I should write about that


Ben: Yes


A reflection on reflections. Conveniently, if my week had a mascot, it would be this SCAB.


In advertising life, we’ve been circling around a few ideas, been shot down by mentors, come up with more ideas.


Ben: And indecisiveness


Is it too easy, too obvious? Is it worth crafting the hell out of?


All of these ideas have been chucked in the brain fart bin, where mediocre work goes to die. Nothing seems good enough. We’ve lost the ability to judge our own ideas. We can’t let go of the bad or grab onto the good (or the great, even).

Touché, Ben.


Edwina: HA is it because I said maybe?


Ben: And when to cut your losses


Isn’t the least rotten apple in a pile of rotten apples still rotten? I can’t get my head around the idea of settling.


It was going to happen, I swear. The ‘You’ve decided on your idea now, start executing’ alarm was set, and it’s stuck on snooze.

I’ve fucking lost it and there’s nothing to cut.


This clumsy SCAB proves my point. I didn’t even settle early enough. It’s way past 10, and I’ve used the word rotten three times in a single sentence.

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