PRESSURE – By @gnomeegnome

By Naomi Taylor




It’s overwhelming. It’s a fine line.

Stay and fight. Run or hide.

It can hit hard or build slow.

It can explode on impact or ease away.

It can last a lifetime or be over in a minute.

It exists in everyone. 

But some cope right and some cope wrong.

Some get stronger and others weaker.

It determines you and only you.

Who you are. How you are. Where you go. Why.

It’s a lesson. A challenge. A battle of minds.

It can make you or break you.

Move you to bad or push you to great.

You can get drunk or snort a line. 

Better yet you can talk. Chat. Ask. Cry.

Seek help because help won’t seek you.

SCA is built on pressure. 

It makes the majority thrive.

It’s tough. It’s do or die.

But without it you’ll never fly.

Do this. And that. Oh and them five other things too.

Do it or don’t. The choice is up to you.

Because the more you take. The more pressure it is.

But take less and less is what you will achieve.

Pick your battles to prevent a war.

Balance the load or you will fall.

Just because they can do it, it doesn’t mean you can.

Just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean they can.

You are you. Don’t change that.

There’s no judgement here.

It’s about what you can become.

What you are capable of.

And how they can help best to get you there.

Don’t take them for granted.

Keep respect.

Help others.

And never regret.

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