Pushin’ – By @angus_crombie

Angus Crombie

By Angus Crombie



Over the last two weeks we have been working on our first Portfolio Brief, the Meijs Motorman electric bike, (which we presented on Monday). It was a different experience to the other briefs I have worked on as it involved a lot more planning and strategy, something I have found tedious in the past. However without the time and research my partner and I put into the strategy, I don’t think our campaign would have been as successful. It allowed us to understand the bike, who would ride it and what would attract them to it. From this we were able to go through our insights and pick the one which we felt had the most potential.

Another aspect I feel I’ve learnt from Portfolio Brief One is to keep pushing the idea, even if you feel like you’ve already got something that could be a strong campaign. Last Wednesday we felt we had a good idea and direction, however our mentor Pete pushed us to try and develop a different avenue of thought that we had been playing with for a couple of days. At first we were a bit apprehensive as time was running out and we already had come up with the copy and had a few visuals in mind for the campaign, but we decided to keep on pushing until Thursday night which resulting in coming up with a much bigger idea.

To sum it up more strategy and more pushing. Cheers Angus.

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