‘Quantity over quality’ by @FlaviaVentura2



By Flavia Ventura


‘Quantity over quality.’


Typing it on a Word page doesn’t make it feel any less materialistic than saying it out loud.


I grew up hearing the polar opposite. From my grandma’s insightful stories on how she only owned two pairs of shoes because they were ‘well made’, to my parents obsessively trying to get me to choose one sport and put my everything in it instead of pursuing different ones.


At the beginning of the year the emphasis on the creative process was put on ‘the proposition’. What are we trying to say? Why are saying it? It is hard work trying to figure it out exactly, but once the right proposition is found, the creative starts flowing. Best part? The work that comes out of it is truthful, on brand and makes sense – most times, at least.


At one point, not particularly sure when, our process changed, and so did our campaigns. I thought it was because we were getting better. But I look at the work that’s been produced after D&AD, (OF COURSE NOT ALL OF IT, there’s still been great work) and I don’t see anything truthful. I see fun ideas without a core, executions if you will.


I’m not trying to go against the fact that producing a lot work doubles the chances of creating something good. We all agree on that, quantity is great; but I think there has to be quality to begin with, otherwise it’s all meaningless.


Out of nowhere, this week came around and with it the ‘overarching thought’. Is it a proposition? Is it a strategy? What is it?  Some of us got confused. Whatever it is specifically, it got us going back to thinking about the core concept.


I’m excited to have a three-week cycle to work on a brief again. I found this last week too short to properly get immersed in the brand, and therefore coming up with something worth.


I want something meaningful in my book, something that speaks to people, not just the usual fun, student campaign.


Coming up with exciting ideas is really great but I also think it doesn’t make sense to start a brief with the thought: ‘I want to do something absolutely crazy for this campaign’. Of course you want to be unexpected but doesn’t your ‘unexpectedness’ have to come from the brand, and the culture, and the costumer?



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