Quite distant @dune_irons

By Dune Irons

I’m not used to share so much, so often and moreover with so many people, so I’ve kept it quite distant, yet this SCAB will be on a much more personal note than the previous ones.

I am sure you’ve all come to realize that there are some fights that you can’t win, I’ve been reminded of this lesson the hard way this year…

You might wonder how? And I am sorry to say that it is a story for another time…

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that sometimes you just have to let it go, realize that things or out of your control or even just out of your reach.

Trust life and chose the fights that need to be won, exhausting yourself on fruitless battles will never lead you anywhere…

I remember when David Levin the « super CR » came at SCA, he said that the secret to being great on twitter and fundamentally in any kind of communication was the sense of timing, the capacity to find golden moments, these little nuggets of time where you can express yourself and manipulate things to create your space, define your place.

I’ve always felt that in everything I was doing, I could sense those golden moments, but I was always to afraid to seize any opportunity, feeling that in any way it will result in a massive failure. All of that resulted from a poor level of self-esteem and very little trust in life. Last year I kind of opened my eyes, and started questioning myself: Was I so bad that I didn’t deserve to succeed? I admitted to myself that I was the only one capable of sentencing me to a life of failure. So please seize those opportunities, for one thing, I can say I learned since I am here is that: Yes, it will never be a joyful experience to fail, but it is not a death sentence, you can learn from your failures and keep evolving to become a greater you. Because always remember that you can only do you! So better work on being the best version!

There’s a proverb that says « all things come to those who wait ». I used to think that patience was a higher virtue, that by being patient I would somewhat be rewarded by the universe.

Why did I use to think that? Because society taught me that it has to be that way.

If you want something to be pro-active, try. If you can’t have it, just move on, you’ll find a parcel of greener grass somewhere.

However, if you stay still contemplating what’s not happening, you’ll spend your life as a bystander. Keep in mind that it is only a matter of choice.

Well on a much lighter note, Halloween is coming, quite a time to decide to drop the mask(s) don’t you think ?…those you wore, those you’ve wanted to wear…

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