Reconnect the essentials. – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboutkrat


Reconnect the essentials. 


It is strike season in France. I remember the last time I went on a strike; it was near the Pantheon striking with my 27 years old Venezuelan teacher in media. Because the state wanted to tax 1700 euro’s foreign students to go into French universities. I was very furious during the protest and shouted and kicked cops. 


I feel no other countries understand striking. We can definitely say that there’s a striking period in France. Most of the other countries think that striking means that the state is unstable and that it is really bad. I think it’s normal. 


Strike is like a nice reminder to our leader that there are working for us. It’s not like sending an angry postcard with some request on what to do. It is doing what you shouldn’t to do and then sending a nice card to apologies. Let me explain when we strike the state listen and he will agree on what we want. He’ll bullshit us a lot, those guys are pros. In the end, will have what we wanted. 


So, this the year I am not going on strike. I would have loved to go walk for the women’s right. Even with the coronavirus, French women bravely went on a strike. It brings me pride and joy to know that French women are responding to our misogynistic society. I just feel sad that the movement took off on the 23rd of November and some men only reacted lately. It was because of the mind-blowing number of women undergoing violence. A lot of men commented lately because of the release showing cops hitting women during the last strike. Their like “they should be a shame of hitting women”. Yes, men’s should be a shame of hitting women’s. 


The point I am making is that I want to go on a strike. For something I truly believe in, it would be for me like giving a little piece of my heart. Also, I know the good tricks like bringing a tennis racket to send back the smoke bomb or wearing a black outfit…because black always suit you, silly. 


I feel that working for the green party for a bit is going to feel so nice. Will definitely need to go on strike to be inspired and stuff. Also, I never went to a green party strike. I am so hyped about seeing how it goes in the U.K. Moreover, we did one last year which was nice and fun. Dean was cool, Tommy was a teen pervert and Katie had a small placard. I am sure that we’ll have more fun. The interest in the functioning of the party will be really interesting too. Let’s lead London was really a good S.M.P. Plus, it’s true that if it works here it will work anywhere. I believe that we could see London as a big sister in Paris, Madrid or Berlin. And that by transitioning to a greener future, it will inspire a generation to come to do the same.


Ps: I have nice pics of you. 


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