Reflecting on Reflecting by @Bensfantastic


By Ben Lambert


Reflecting on Reflecting


Things are changing gear at SCA.


Books are taking shape and then being critted back into unrecognisable objects.


Political incentives/ bribes are in place as well as placements.


And Increases in printing means the rainforest is taking a hit (lucky we did all that work for WWF).


With everything moving so fast and with both dark and weary eyes firmly set of the portfolio day finish line. There feels like there is no time to stop and look back on the vast amounts of knowledge shared with us.


But I’m realising the significance of taking even 5 minutes to do so.


Case and point, it’s been a strategy heavy week in terms of master classes and the content of some has overlapped, but this hasn’t been a hindrance.


For some reason its taken hearing some of the content multiple times for me to truly understand and apply the learning’s to my work.


So what else am I not applying? What else has been squeezed out my mind to make room for the new thing coming in? ‘Unfortunately’ this is something that happens everyday in the tsunami of knowledge that is SCA.


So I’m establishing a new reflection habit, and in celebration here’s a selection of learning’s that might need nurturing:


“If you work from knowledge you aren’t going anywhere new” Alexandra Taylor


“Quantity is a condition of quality” Thea Hamren


“Your book is shit” Marc Lewis


The best piece of work is what your capable of, and your worst is your standard.


“Standing out comes from controversy, controversy polarises people” Dave Trott


Get death threats or win Nobel prizes

Brian’s circle and square test (and every story he’s told)


Would I want it on my wall?


Write ‘dear Charlie’ at the top of all your copy


“Your ad has to be the strongest thing in the paper” Tony Brignull


People don’t give a shit about the brand


“An ad shouldn’t look like an ad” Paul Belford

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