Reflection from the silent movie brief – by @LuBPontier

By Lucie Pontier


During the course of today, my group and I decided to make a video on the telephone and to show to what extent it takes away us from any reality. With my actress’s magnificent talents I had to play a girl who worried only about oneself and about her image. But I wonder how certain people arrive there up to there. It is all the same sad to have a life only on the Internet, to exist only virtually. All that these people fail: the beauty of the sky, the tagged streets, the lovers, the children who play. They do not see that, they are fixed to their telephone as zombies, especially generation Z which lives practically only for likes on Instagram. Then all right, myself like posting photos, but I like putting my telephone and dropping out of this connected world. Take advantage of landscapes, of smells, of noises.


Take advantage of this world which is only degrading still. And which unfortunately degrades because of these people who know nothing about the environment because they have other centers of interest. They like taking photos of themselves and what they eat but around that they are the first ones to leave their waste on the ground, to throw their cigarette ends on the ground, but on their photos they show only the good side. I find that all the same nutcase to be also little concerned. They do not understand  that the virtual world is not the real world. They even have difficulty in making the difference. Look what takes place with the video games. Those who make an excessive use rest of it stuck between game and reality and fire at people as if they did not really exist.


I am afraid of my generation and of following ones, even if I think that the technique in itself can certainly improve our planet. I think that we have not found yet how good to use what we have today, to use intelligently the social networks, the magazines, the Web sites… before 10 years there will be new businesses/jobs which today we do not know. I just hope that the teenagers of today will evolve and will use their knowledge in a right way, otherwise we are in the shit.


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