Reflections from a child – By @MalouStitz

Malou Stitz

By Malou Stitz


Reflections from a child

It’s now January. It’s term two. It’s cold and wet, and we are finally back at the Studio.
We had three weeks off during the Christmas Holidays. Apparently the longest break in the history of SCA. When I say finally back at the Studio I mean it. Even though I really, really, REALLY loved being on holiday. (That’s probably mostly because I’m a foreigner, and had a million of things to do. When finally being back in Denmark, I had all of my friends to see, and visit my great grandmother who turns 99 in April). Time just went by so quickly.
As it does at SCA. Marc wanted us to be more reflective in our SCABS and I think being a little more reflective about anything is a good challenge to take on.

It’s crazy how many things have changed in my head since I came to SCA. How I now see the world from another perspective, how I now (try my very best to) manage my every hour of the day. How I’ve learned that getting 6 hours and 20 minutes of sleep works best for me. How I approach a brief differently now than before, and how great it is to finally truly belong somewhere.

Yesterday we had our second Interview day. It was a rather small group with only 3 superstars. They all did great and asked us questions about what it’s like as a group of creative, crazy people stuck together in an old church in the middle of Brixton. I think we all said words like family, fun, and support. <3 They also asked us to describe SCA with one word. We all took turns and the atmosphere was great. People were laughing and I really hope that the three visitors could feel the warm and welcoming vibe I think we have.

Reading through what I’ve just written makes it all seem a little… too sweet and pink perhaps (what a great colour pink is).
I mean, we now have three briefs on the table and more to come. If someone out there is considering going to SCA or you’re maybe so lucky that you’ve already got the message from Marc telling you that you got in, then fear not. We might have been told about a 100 times by now that Marc is going to break us, I might be so distressed that I misplaced my passport in Denmark and keep forgetting even the stupidest things (okay that was perhaps something I would have done anyway. Aha) But what I mean is that SCA changes you and I am super excited about getting to school every single day. I am convinced I’ll have this feeling for the rest of my working life. Just as it should be. Even though you can have grey days where everything goes wrong. It’s okay. We learn from it and move forward.

Another great thing you learn at SCA is also that being a playful child is one of your best forces. It makes you creative in a way that you don’t worry too much about what can and cannot be done. At the same time, you’re now old enough to have some knowledge about what’s going on in the world and you’re now, instead of connecting glue and cutouts, connecting dots that will hopefully change people’s behavior on a specific product or subject. It’s nice to feel like my work is having an impact on the world. 

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