With the end of half term marking the halfway point through my SCA journey, I think it would be nice to reflect!

Using a selection of my Reflection slides I’ll guide you through this crazy ride.

24TH SEPTEMBER: What’s your manifesto?

I am the snowflake that will take over the world. Or so I thought.

8TH OCTOBER: How was it working in teams?

Starting with big teams of 3 or 4. There was a bit of a bump!

15TH OCTOBER: Reflect on scamping week.

Even after 500 sheets my keylines look shit.

29TH OCTOBER: How did you find the 6 thinking hats technique?

6-hats are a complementary element of any creative’s extravagant wardrobe.

12TH NOVEMBER: You have 2 week briefs now. How’s that?

It feels good to have your eggs all in one basket, as long as the right one is in there somewhere…

19TH NOVEMBER: What did you learn from your selection day?

Still struggling a bit from time to time! But we need to remember that if there are many signs that you’re doing well, then probably you are!

10TH DECEMBER: What did you take away from your partner feedback?

Sometimes the idea isn’t bad, you just need to think bigger.

21ST JANUARY: What’s the one thing you want to do in advertising?

I’d be happy if you hate the ad, as long as it doesn’t leave you feeling empty.

28TH JANUARY:  Show us something you learned that you would tell your friends.

I feel like it’s a simple but great breakthrough—realising that when it comes to art direction most things aren’t done, they’re just left. Cutting this sandwich this way did hurt my perfectionist head though!

11TH FEBRUARY: Write a motivational note for your peers.

We will certainly burn. I can already hear the sizzle. I can smell the smoke. But we will survive. Somehow. Because we have to.

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