Remember Who You Are, by @zochi9

Zoe Jezeph (2)

By Zoe Jezeph


Remember Who You Are

Before the beginning of this crazy journey that came to be SCA, I was told how difficult and

demanding the course would be. Three whole years crammed into one should have been enough of

an indication. But I didn’t really give it a second thought. I kind of felt like this …

I laugh in the face of danger

A lot has changed since.

A talk last week gave me the perspective I really needed. And I think it’s something we all intuitively

know. You know it, somewhere in yourself; but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone

else. I’ve been too busy stressing over trying to do the best I possibly can, but going about it in the

wrong way. I became caught up. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I wasn’t doing anything I naturally

enjoyed and the scary thing was that I couldn’t really remember what I enjoyed doing.

The answer was simple.

Do what you love. Please yourself. Do what makes you feel alive. Make stuff that gives you goose

bumps. If you love it, chances are that someone else will love it too.

That’s the stuff that has energy and life.

So, in the words of Mufasa,

‘Remember who you are’.

(I didn’t plan a lion king theme, honest).





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