Rosie Arnold, The Queen of Ads – By @martamorientes

By Marta Martin Morientes


Rosie Arnold, The Queen of Ads

As Josie pointed out on her SCAB, Rosie Arnold is the Queen of Ads. This week we had the privilege to meet her and she’s one of the most inspiring creative leaders we’ve had so far at SCA.  We could see how proud she was about the work she’s made over 35 years in the industry, the gratitude she had for being able to work with many exceptional people and the guts to fight for what she believes in.

I was astonished by her ‘Haters’ poster campaign for Levis ( They are stunning. I felt in love with their Art Direction. Marc always says that the good posters are the ones you want to put in the walls of your house, I’m definitely going to put these on mine. 

When Rosie showed her work for Lynx “Getting dressed” (, it was the first time since I arrived at SCA that I saw an ad that I had seen on the Spanish television when I was younger. I’ve grown up watching different ads, different series, different  TV channels, different pop culture in general, different humor, different language that’s why it was such a great moment feeling the cultural connection through that ad. Also, I realized how influential we actually are. Thinking about the impact we have in the world I asked myself, are we more powerful than politicians? I think so. 

She also taught us some valuable lesson like the fear of failure is one of the most powerful tools to keep you going, go to a good agency so that you can learn the good habits, have fun and the answer to resilience is working harder. 

Her work, her impeccable fashion sense and her energy will stick in my mind for a long time. She’s had such an intense and interesting life. I wish she’d write a book, it’d probably be my favourite. 

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