About the course

  • Overview

    • Writing and producing great radio commercials – because now, they’re more important than ever.  Radio is completely exempt from Covid-19 lockdown. Voice artists and sound engineers have amazing studios at home now.  Everything can be done remotely. So you will discover:

  • Curriculum

    • (i) The reason radio is so powerful. (the pictures are better)

      (ii) How to paint those pictures with words and sounds.

      (iii) How to create comedy. 

      (iv) How to create drama.

      (v) The four questions every script should answer.

      (vi) How to cast the right voice.

      (vii) Why a voice who’s good enough for a TV commercial might not be good enough for a radio ad. 

      (viii) Why casting a celebrity voice is usually a waste of time.

      (ix) Why most “legals” aren’t legal and why no law will be broken if you omit them.

      (x) How to run a recording session.

      (xi) How to make the most of your budget, your actors, your studio time and your sound engineer.

  • Teachers

    • Course will be led by Paul Burke, the world’s most awarded radio writer/producer.   (I know, I know but it’s true) We’ll also hear from Claire Milner from the Radio Centre about the importance of radio as an advertising medium, a top sound designer  to tell you about all the sonic possibilities, what works, what doesn’t work and how they like sessions to be run, and a top voice artist to talk you through how they like to work and how they can help you bring out the best performances.

  • Dates

    • 9.30 – 5.30 pm Monday – Thursday

      First course starts May 25th 2020

  • So How Does The Course Actually Work?

  • Life After SCA

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