SCA fashion – What’s hot and what’s not? – By @isabellelj1

By Isabelle Johnson


SCA fashion – What’s hot and what’s not?


As the winter fashion season is in full force, we’ve seen many killer looks grace the floor at SCA. As the work gets better the looks do too. But what is hot and what’s not? Who is a fashion killer and who is a fashion victim?


Trend 1: 


Sports luxe is a key trend this season and this has been a look sported by a lot of students around the Brixton church: Dean and Rachael have been spotted on many occasions modelling this look – tennis caps, tennis trainers.


A current trend is cargo pants – as seen on Eva, Chloe, Lawrence and Issy who should stick to the leather trousers.


Monochrome minimalism worn by Jay – but can he pull off colour? Mix it up honey. Nobody pulls of a bright orange jumper like Alice does.


Loud trousers – as seen on the leading man himself, this has been a contentious look that has been echoed in other looks. Ellie’s jazzy trousers are a strong look. pulling it off.


At 16k a year, the school couldn’t avoid the rich boy chic sported by the likes of Oliver and Tommy. Cashmere coats, Enzo bags, Canada goose, real fur. 


But Tommy, the caps aren’t working for you.


Alex Taylor – always dressed impeccably. Who else could pull off neon Puma sneakers with beautiful vintage designer suits?? And Rosie Arnold who absolutely killed it in a tailored red mini dress and knee high leather boots to match. 


Another trend that has been spotted are docs and chunky boots. This is a strong winter look that offsets any bright trousers or co-ords. 


The French are doing well in the fashion stakes. We’ve said goodbye to the beautifully elegant Sup de Pub ladies but we still have the boys. I couldn’t write a scab about fashion without mentioning Bastien’s aviators. But actually Pierre’s sock collection is fantastic.


Rob Mac always has a cool T-shirt.


What’s not hot? 

Tracksuits, especially full ones. Ghastly! But these are permitted when you’ve just handed in your PB and you’ve just lost your sh*t.


Ivan’s shades, not hot in a fashion sense but amazing for what they are.


Timbalands. Not cute. 


North face jumpers. What are those!!!


Coats. Worn indoors.

This isn’t a look everyone. This is a need.


Its the new decade and the predicted trends I hope to see:

Futuristic looks, PVC, plastic. Perhaps designs from people’s porfolios included in their new fashion statements. Maybe some ad related t-shirts.


Off the chart Leanne: unashamedly always herself. She doesn’t conform to fashion.



I’m looking forward to the Spring/ Summer trends round-up.How are the adland hopefuls going to adapt to the hotter climates and workload? Keep killing it everyone.


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