SCA Picnic by @TomEspezel

Tom Espezel-Bentley

By Tom Espezel

So today was the day of the SCA picnic. 

Almost everybody turned up. 

The dark depths of the studio slowly melted away. 

Art directors and copywriters greeted each other like long lost friends.

Its strange how you can spend your life in a studio and speak to very few people. 

I don’t think i’ve spoken to Nick in days. Does he even still go here? Or has he suddenly turned pro and been snapped up by Wieden’s?

But as the sun slowly burnt James’ head, we took a precious few moment and actually relaxed a little. We joked around, enjoying delicacies like jelly fangs and even helped Steven count his weight watcher points.

The funny thing about advertising is that it can stress you out beyond belief but your best ideas come when you are in full on zen mode. Ash, Adam, Steve and I came up with a way to make sure we don’t forget each other after this rollercoaster ride ends. We want to put everyones faces onto a Hawaiian shirt and get them printed as leaving presents. If there’s anything that Ian’s new problem solution box can do for us, I feel like this is right up there. What better way to start the day than having Teddy on one nipple and Annie on the other? 

I really enjoyed my 30 minutes of picnic and I hope we can do it again before our time runs out. I will miss moment like this when covered in bird poo after trying to train a pigeons to deliver miniature versions of my portfolio to Hegarty.


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