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Lauren Peters

By Lauren Peters


I wrote this 5 days ago (technically I`m writing it now but I won`t be come Friday when you`re all reading it – hello). The reason being, it`s the start of term and by all accounts things are about to get a little 2003 MTV Britney snogs Madonna a.k.a. MENTAL*. So I thought, rather than spend the day sympathising with my housemate re another of his Tinder no-shows, I`d brew a Twining`s, get ahead and tap out a scab instead.  

Convoluted introduction aside…

Last week taught me to go the extra mile in more ways than one. Three, in fact.

Way 1.

Monday saw me venture to South Norwood where I`d agreed to meet with a guy named Chris off of Gumtree to discuss the sale of a second hand bike. So far so good, right? Right. Except Chris, it transpires, is a bike thief with over 50 stolen parts in his back garden + lethal Doberman. I opted not to buy the bike in the end, that would have been wrong. But I went further. I went further and actually 101`d the guy. Because when someone steals your bike, well… you’ve got no bike. No mode of transport. Nothing. In fact you`ve got less than nothing… £60-£420 less than nothing. TAKE OUT: If you suspect it, report it. You could be doing someone a massive favour.     

Way 2.  

Thursday signalled the arrival of CREAM, a networking gig I was privileged enough to attend on the back of turning up for a pre-school briefing. At least that`s what I thought, until I saw half the class seated and sipping on free booze in the company of industry legends having blagged a free pass to the main event at reception. WHY DIDN`T I THINK OF THAT? Idiot. (Etches `think of that in future` on brain). TAKE OUT: Ask and you shall receive.  

Way 3.

Okay so I`m actually writing this THIS week now, because Wednesday was sick – riffing with Dianna about the limitations of language, the etymology of words and our favourite words of all time (just for the record, my favourite word is qualia, meaning, the subjective properties of experience i.e. your `you-ness`). TAKE OUT: Brief off-piste and you can generate some crazy abstract meta ideas that can later be honed in and improved.

All this `do more be more` stuff got me thinking. What else could us SCA-ers do? How could we make what we`ve got go further? The studio budget for instance. Is there a way we could pimp the space for free and repurpose the money for something else, something better? Probably.

*Up there as one of the most `iconic` articles ever written –

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