SCAB-ing on the shoulders of giants and the Monday SCAries

SCAB-ing on the shoulders of giants and the Monday SCAries

It’s late, I’m pretty frazzled and annoyingly, I still haven’t finished the last series of Fleabag which has been lingering in my life for the past week. Nevertheless, this feels like an appropriate time to reflect on a brilliantly hectic start to life at SCA.

I’ve read numerous SCABs. And there’s a recurring theme common throughout all of them – they’re all bloody brilliant, original and insightful in their own way. Talking of recurring pearls of wisdom, a phrase that has been thrown about a few times this week is: “Stand on the shoulders of giants and reach for the stars.” This really struck a chord with me. Anyway, after a daunting first few days of school, it’s quite fitting that I’m faced with another fairly intimidating task so soon. So, here goes, it’s time to SCAB on the shoulders of giants!

As a bright eyed, bushy tailed and mostly intoxicated University student, I had never heard of the Sunday Scaries. However, this is a phrase I’d become increasingly familiar with once the highs of Uni life came to an abrupt end and the lows of post-uni adulting intensified. Nowadays, I can’t remember a Sunday Scary free Sunday! This is aggravated when my beloved Spurs lose, which is a regular occurrence these days. 

School started earlier this week, on Tuesday to be precise. Although I had the bulk of Monday off work to compose myself and prepare for the week ahead, I was gripped by the unmistakable Sunday night jitters, but this time on a Monday…the Monday Scaries! Naturally, getting to sleep on Monday evening seemed to take an eternity. There were countless thoughts exploding around my head like little firecrackers. When I did eventually get to sleep, I woke up at 6AM to double check I had an alarm set. Tuesday morning involved restlessly pacing around the house as time inched closer and closer to 9:30AM. To my suprise, the restlessness, overwhelming sense of unease and imposter syndrome subsided after Marc’s welcoming and energetic opening Town Hall session. And just like that, life as an SCA student began.

As you can see, the build up to the first day was unnecessarily excruciating. I’d overthought everything and let my mind get the better of me. During the brilliant comedy workshop earlier in the week, Mr Cee reassuringly said “The things we sometimes think in our heads are sometimes bullshit. Get your mind right, focus and be in control.”…inspiring words!

The last three days have been bursting at the seams. The intense but enjoyable schedule has been filled with a variety of workshops, lectures, group work, and individual tasks. Although at times I’ve felt like I’ve been on the cusp of a breakdown (ok, I’m exaggerating a little), each session has been an insightful fun-filled opportunity to learn, grow and create. Alongside this, I’ve met a ton of friendly, supportive and like-minded coursemates and mentors. This is integral. Although I’ve only known this great bunch for a few days, and despite the fact that I’m an online student, it feels like a community that I’m comfortably part of. In the spirit of Tuesday’s mindfulness workshop, I’d like to say thank you to the coursemates I’ve chatted to and also to the SCA mentors and staff for their assistance, support and patience over the past few days. 

If these first few days are anything to go by, the next 10 months are going to be one hell of a roller coaster, filled with fun, many highs and of course many lows. But, I’m ready for the ride and I’m looking forward to Sunday Scary free Sundays.


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