SCAB on The Horse Boy – By @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman



I’ve started reading ‘The Horse Boy’ by Rupert Isaacson. Below is a description of the story as I feel I can’t do it justice.


‘Rupert and Kirstin Isaacson were heartbroken when they learned that their two-year-old son Rowan was autistic. With each passing day, Rowan’s growing isolation, his uncontrollable fits, each failed treatment, filled them with despair. Then one day Rowan escaped and ran into a field of horses. Rupert watched in horror – but saw a miracle occur. The horses responded lovingly to Rowan – and he to them. Could Rowan’s affinity with these animals save their son from his condition? The Isaacson’s left their home in Texas and travelled to the plains and mountains of Mongolia – the spiritual home of the horse – risking everything – their happiness, future and sanity – on an arduous epic horseback journey in search of a cure for Rowan.’


I tend not to read books about such emotional topics. I find letting go of the story once I’ve finished extremely difficult. Who knows where this strange cathartic feeling comes from but I get attached like a Leech.


I’m half way through the book and it’s getting difficult, I’ve come to realise how far the human spirit can push someone in search for an answer.


If you don’t feel like reading the book there is a documentary. Here is a link to the trailer.




But I think this story deserves your time.


Read it.


I find when I watch something I quickly forget about it and just tick it off my list of cultural things I’ve done. (i.e. watching Black Fish and pretty much everything on Netflix due to FOMO (Fear of missing out) I don’t know if you can do brackets within brackets. (Inception).


But with reading the time spent slowly forces your brain to listen and focus on the small detail, the whispers of knowledge that hide behind every word.







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